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Side-by-Side Comparison
Std Plus Premium
  No Per-Call Fee - with PhoneTree Device o o o
  Leaves Messages on Answering Machines o o o
  Easy Importing From Your Software o o o
  Selectable Calling Times, Days and Dates o o o
  Instant Greeting o o o
  Call Wizard (Guided Message Creation) o o o
  Remote Operation with Voice Prompts o o o
  Volunteer Recruiting - once # of people needed, it stops o o o
  "Are You OK?" Feature o o o
  Touch Tone Replies for Polling o o o
  Separate Answering Machine Messages o o o
  Press * to Repeat Message, & # for further instructions o o o
  CD, Sound Blaster, 16 bit Voice Quality o o o
  Pro Headset for Record/Play o o o
  Unlimited List Capacity o o o
Duplicate Name & Number Screening o o o
  Robust Point-and Click Interface o o o
  Advanced Reporting o o o
  Autotasks and  Auto Reports o o o
  Blocked Numbers o o o
  Built-In Mailbox 2100    (2500, 3500  up to 256 Mailboxes) o o o
  Personalized Views o o o
  Advanced Dialing Setup o o o
  Dial "9" to Play another Message o o o
  70 Calls Per Hour, Per Line (approx.) (500 call in 8 hours) o o o
  Pager Call-Back Notification o o o
  Advanced USB Technology o o o
E-Mail and Text Messaging Capability o o
  Multiple PhoneTrees  (up to 256 individual controls)    o o
  Simultaneous Messaging   o o
  Multi-Lingual Messaging - Default a separate Language   o o
  Infoline  (up to 999 Messages)   o o
  Up to 48 Telephone Lines   o o
  Accessible From Network - Install on multiple computers   o o
  Priority Calling   o o
  Constructed Messages     o
  Flex Fields     o
  Alternate Phone Numbers     o
  Spoken Date and Time     o
  NASA-Approved Text-to-Speech     o