Testimonials from Faith-Based Organizations










"I wanted to thank all of you for working with me over the last few weeks. In particular, thank you, Bob, for the information on the central database and e-mail; Craig, for the excellent webinars and general guidance and coordination, and Michael, for sending the demonstration materials!"

—Kelly Joyce
Central Baptist Church
Oak Ridge, NC



"Phone Tree has been a GREAT BLESSING to our church to keep us informed of what takes place during the time our church family is not together, and we are very thankful to have learned about it. You have a great product, but an even greater staff, and I wanted to be sure that you knew that from one very satisfied customer."

—Rev. Neal Walker
Oxford Memorial Baptist Church
Taylorsville, NC




"I am really impressed with the PhoneTree 2500. Setup was a breeze and the support team has been excellent in answering my questions... of which I have had many."

—John Berra
Marketing Director
The Network Connection



"The other night, we finally got the opportunity to use the system promoting our church's outing. It was great. It was easy to program and easy to use. It was a real blessing. While I was doing other things that were important, the PhoneTree was handling the phone calls. We are pleased and I just wanted to let you know that."

—Mike Murell
Pastor, First Evangelical Methodist



“Our church mainly uses PhoneTree as a reminder system to contact the administrative staff and deacon ministry on a regular basis to remind them of all their upcoming meetings. Also, we use it specifically for cancellations of choir rehearsals or other meetings that have to be rescheduled. We have a membership of approximately 2000 and we’ve used it on two occasions to contact the entire congregation for an upcoming event. I would not trade this system for anything — it is a time-saver!"

– B.J. Wells
New Hope Baptist Church

"The time and money that PhoneTree has saved us has been tremendous. Having this tool has enabled us to communicate with our various committees and councils in a most productive way. PhoneTree actually tries to place the call many, many times before giving up — this is much better than having a member of our clerical support spend so much time on the phone. Thank you for making our jobs easier!"

– Karen P. Taylor
Pilot Mountain Baptist Association



“Three weeks ago, we had a situation where we had to call a Sunday School class of over 120 people on a Friday, to inform them that a class social scheduled for that very evening was cancelled. PhoneTree allowed me to pull up the entire class, record the message and start calling. By 2:00 PM, every member of the class had either been contacted in person or had a message on their answering machine. What a lifesaver!”

– Jenna Roher
Christ Church



"We are thrilled with our PhoneTree system. It's great! We use it on a regular basis to deliver messages to our people. Some have told me, 'I can't wait to get my message from the church.' Thanks so much for your personal attention and a great product!"

– Tim Taylor
Power Line Nazarene Church



"I am totally satisfied with the product, service and impact that PhoneTree has made in our church. PhoneTree is a tool that I would not ever want to be without, due to the significant part it is playing in the business and ministry life of our church."

– David S. Robertson
First Assembly of God



“If I had a nickel for how many calls PhoneTree made for us last year, I would be able to buy another one. It pays for itself! The PhoneTree has taken away the frustration of countless staff hours spent on the phone and the complication of elaborate person-based calling that often fails and offers little feedback. It takes just a few minutes to set up and saves hours of time.”

– Carolyn Phillips
First Presbyterian Church